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For further information contact:
Ken Crater, founding Member, [email protected]

Wiki Launched for Automation-related Topics

NORTH GRAFTON, MA (September 7, 2009) – A specialized wiki for encyclopedic articles on topics relating to automation and control has been announced by the operators of the web forum, Nerds in Control, LLC. The wiki, to be accessible at, was created at the request of forum members who wanted a site for permanent articles to help address repetitive questions from those new to industry.

ControlWiki will be based on the same software used by the more general web-based Wikipedia® site, although the operation of the site will be somewhat different. In addition to community-authored and -maintained articles, key topics will have bylined articles by industry experts. All articles, however, will still have "talk" pages associated with them, giving the public the ability to comment and offer supplemental information and interpretations.

Wikis are web-based information resources, typically created and maintained collectively by the users of the system. The name "wiki" is derived from the Hawaiian word for "quick." In a classic wiki design, anyone visiting the site may make edits to any page. In practical application, wikis accumulate a community of maintainers who monitor changes made to the site and stand ready to undo any vandalism or any edits exhibiting bias or commerciality.

In introducing the new site, founder Ken Crater expressed optimism that the site will become an important information resource for industry professionals. "Each day knowledgeable controls professionals contribute their time and talent to helping others on the forum," said Crater. "ControlWiki will provide a means for their work to be of lasting value, not just to the original inquirer, but to thousands of others in the years to follow."

Call for Authors

Concurrent with the announcement of the new Wiki, a call is being issued for contributors to the site. Knowledgeable individuals are invited to create new topical pages or contribute to existing pages. More information may be obtained by visiting the site, or by email to [email protected]

Nerds in Control, LLC is a social media publisher specializing in the control and industrial automation field. Beginning with the creation of the Automation List in 1994 under the aegis of Control Technology Corporation, Nerds in Control now maintains and a variety of syndicated sites, attracting over 200,000 unique visitors in the industrial automation field each month.

Contact information:
Ken Crater
Founding Member
Nerds in Control, LLC
116 Brigham Hill Rd.
North Grafton, MA 01536 USA

[Lenore Tracey]
Advertising Contact

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