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A Learning Tip

First, a helpful hint -- if you see something you'd like to use on another page, you can always see how it was done by clicking on the edit tab for that page (if you have edit permission) or the source tab if you do not have edit permission. This will show you the text that creates the page, complete with any special markup for creating effects.

Adding Formatting - Bold and Italic

You can add links and formatting to your page by using the icons directly above the text entry box you'll see on the edit or create page.

The first two icons are obvious: select a word or phrase with your mouse and click on the B icon, and that word will appear in bold on your finished page. In the edit box, it will be seen with three apostrophes before and after the word, which is the wiki's signal to make it bold. Of course, you can add those apostrophes manually, instead, if that's easier.

The second icon (the italicized I) works similarly, but makes the selected text italic.

Linking to Other Pages

If you want to link to another page on the wiki, you'll use the icon with the underlined Ab. This creates a link to a wiki page by inserting two square brackets ([) around your selected text. The text should be the exact name of a wiki page, with any spaces in the page name replaced with an underscore.

Similarly, you can create a link to an external web page by clicking on the icon with a picture of a globe on it. This inserts two square brackets on either side of your selected text, which must be a complete link including the beginning http:// part of the link.


The next icon with a REALLY BIG letter A turns text into a sub-headline. This is typically used for the headline of a section of a page. It has an interesting side-effect: if you use a number of these, a little menu of links will appear at the top of your page allowing people to easily jump down to any subhead. There's an example of this at the top of this very page.

For a headline without the special features of the big-A icon, you can surround your headline with the following "tags":

<big>Your Headline Goes Here</big>

Notice that the second tag is slightly different -- it has a forward slash before the word big, which basically means that this is the end of the big stuff.

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