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Welcome to the ControlWiki!

The ControlWiki is an encyclopedic store of information relating to industrial automation and control. It is written and maintained by its own users, people like you whose work is the automation of industrial processes. This is a place to share your expertise, contribute to a common body of knowledge, and otherwise strut your stuff.

Visit the PLC Archive

One portion of the ControlWiki we'd like to call to your attention is the PLC Archive. This collection of contributed program examples is an educational resource, both for PLC beginners and for those who have a specific problem for which they would like a fresh approach.

Additional Articles on ControlWiki

  • Mark II Ground Fault Repair This description of the process used to troubleshoot and repair a ground fault in a Mark II system in Pakistan was contributed by Adeel Imtiaz.

Disclaimer - Please Read

PLEASE NOTE: The maintainers of this site make NO representations about the accuracy of the information posted here. Please read our disclaimer for more information. Honestly, your five-year-old kid could post something here. Use your head and don't bet your entire plant on something you read on the Internet. Duh.

How to Use ControlWiki, How to Post Articles

The fastest way to get started here is to enter a search term in the box at left.

Posting articles is easy -- not much different from posting articles to any forum. We have a brief tutorial on how to get started on our Help pages. Please familiarize yourself with the Posting Guidelines before posting new content.

Call for Authors

ControlWiki is inviting automation professionals interesting in contributing substantive articles to ControlWiki to contact us. Our publishing model is somewhat different from Wikipedia, in that a number of our feature articles on major automation-related topics will be attributed, single-author works.

The commitment we ask from a prospective author is to:

  1. Produce an initial article on the agreed topic in a timely manner.
  2. Monitor commentary on the article's talk-page.
  3. Update the article periodically, based on both changes in the state of the art and constructive suggestions made on the talk page.

If you have an interest, please contact us on our sister site,

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