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NiCLLC owns and operates a number of websites designed for industrial and automation control professionals. These include:, a user-created online information resource for the automation community., an online community for automation and control engineers featuring active discussion forums, industry-related links and information resources.

This statement describes NiCLLC's privacy practices with respect to those websites and covers the following topics:

  • What information is collected or available through the site(s);
  • How NiCLLC uses non-public information;
  • With whom non-public information will be shared;
  • Options regarding limiting use of non-public information; and
  • Security measures.

NiCLLC's websites contain links to other websites. Some are owned and managed by NiCLLC; others are owned and managed by unrelated third parties. NiCLLC is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of any website owned and managed by an unrelated third party. As a result, NiCLLC urges users to read the privacy policy on any site to which the user links.

Questions or comments about NiCLLC's Privacy Policy or experiences with NiCLLC's websites should be directed to:
Nerds in Control, LLC
116 Brigham Hill Rd.
North Grafton, MA 01536


COOKIES may employ "cookies" to provide visitors and members with tailored information. A "cookie" is a message given to a web browser by a web server. It is stored on the user's computer in a text file. Each time that browser requests a page from that server the message is sent back from the browser to the server. uses cookies to identify users and prepare customized content for users. Users may block or delete cookies from their hard drives at their option and sole expense. Disabling cookies, however, may cause certain site features and functionality to no longer work properly or at all. To read more about how browsers use cookies, visit the websites of three commonly used browsers:

MS Internet Explorer:



Users of NiCLLC's websites can post and edit articles, messages or reply to messages posted on Although NiCLLC does not collect personal information from such postings, a cookie is sent to the user's browser so that, upon returning to the site, if the user desires to post a message, the user's name and e-mail address will be automatically completed in the posting form. Further, the text of messages posted by users on the websites, including their login name, may be viewed by other visitors to the websites and certain linked sites. Any personal information disclosed in such postings or attachments, therefore, will be available to the public.


In order to become a member of certain NiCLLC websites, the user must supply certain data upon registration: for example, the user's name and a valid e-mail address. At the time of registration, however, the user also may submit an optional "public e-mail address" which is not required to be valid, for example "[email protected]". In addition, NiCLLC may request additional information from members for special purposes, for example to fulfill a user's request for mailed materials.

Members also may be given the ability to personalize their experience of websites by, for example, requesting that content be filtered based on the member's personal interests and preferences.

Members may be given the option to display certain information publicly. Such display is at the member's discretion and may be changed from time to time by the member.

In some cases, members may have the opportunity to use a NiCLLC service to send electronic mail to another user or e-mail list. In such cases, a member's valid e-mail address and real name will be included with such messages. In order to prevent abuse, users may not opt-out of such a display, but may choose to refrain from using to transmit the e-mail message.


NiCLLC may from time to time conduct surveys or other site usage studies for marketing and business planning purposes. Participation in such surveys is at the user's option and is never mandatory.

NiCLLC will disclose only aggregate information obtained through surveys and studies and not personal information identifying any specific individual. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in cases where surveys or studies allow users to submit written comments and where NiCLLC advises users of the possibility of such disclosure at the time they take the survey or participate in the study or obtains permission later, NiCLLC reserves the right to disclose text information provided by any user, provided that identifying information regarding that user is not disclosed.

In addition, upon registration for membership, users may be asked whether they are interested in participating in vendor surveys. If a member indicates an interest in participating in such surveys, his or her contact information is added to a secure database and stored for future use in connection with such surveys. Members can accept or decline survey participation at any time by changing this item on their Member Preferences page or by declining to participate in any given survey.


NiCLLC uses personal information as a basis for notifications to users regarding site-sponsored events, such as panel discussions, and for internal and vendor surveys and usage studies and to respond to user requests and inquiries. NiCLLC only makes member names and e-mail addresses publicly available if the member elects to have them published in the member directory. NiCLLC will not disclose a user's non-public personal information to a third party unless (i) such disclosure is required by law, (ii) a user specifically authorizes such disclosure or (iii) in special cases where NiCLLC has reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating the Terms of Service or causing injury to, or interference with, (intentionally or unintentionally) NiCLLC, and/or its visitors, users and suppliers.


Members have the option to choose whether or not to receive site notifications, newsletters or other information via e-mail and whether or not to participate in surveys. Members may remove themselves from such e-mail lists at their discretion by changing their Member Preference page.


To secure site integrity, prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, NiCLLC has put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures reasonably designed to safeguard and secure the non-public information that NiCLLC collects online. Internal access to users' non-public personal information is restricted to site administrators and to other NiCLLC staff on a need-to-know basis.

In the event that NiCLLC becomes aware that site security has been compromised or that user's non-public information has been disclosed to unrelated third parties as a result of external activity, including, but not limited to, external security attacks, NiCLLC shall take such reasonable measures as it deems appropriate, which may include internal investigation and reporting and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

If NiCLLC becomes aware that personal information provided to NiCLLC by a user has been disclosed in a manner not permitted by this Privacy Policy, NiCLLC shall make reasonable efforts to notify the affected user as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law, of what information has been disclosed, to the extent that NiCLLC knows this information.

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