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ControlWiki Article Guidelines

Note: this page is under development - comments are encouraged on the discussion page.


One of the primary principles upon which ControlWiki is based is noncommerciality in the content of the articles. Articles may mention specific products when relevant to the subject matter being discussed (for instance, program examples in the PLC Archive are encouraged to mention the platform for which they've been developed, unless they are purely generic RL or other common language).

Specifically excluded are articles extolling the virtues of a specific product or product line.


No material should be published on ControlWiki except by the original author, or with clear written approval of the original author. We will immediately remove any articles upon learning that they were posted in violation of another's copyright. Refer to the Privacy Policy for more information about copyrights on ControlWiki.

External Links

Off-site links may be made to material of an instructional nature having direct bearing to the subject matter of an article. Spurious links to pages of a principally commercial nature will be removed. No links are allowed to sites offering pirated materials or to E-Bay or other sales-oriented sites.

Images and Uploaded Files

Currently, only JPG, GIF and PDF files are supported for upload to the site, and must adhere to the content principles embodied on this page.


The operators of ControlWiki reserve the right to be the final arbitrar of what material should appear on this site. Accounts may be removed and/or posting privileges suspended of those who repeatedly or egregiously violate the principles under which the site operates. Illegal activity may be referred to authorities of competent jurisdiction.

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